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Werewolf the Apocalypse

Venue Details

VSS Boundaries: The Domain of Seattle (King and Kitsap counties)
VST Name: Peg Brewer
VST Email: [1]
Domain Code: Seattle, WA WA-073-D

Theme: Rebuilding
Mood: Grim Determination
Setting: BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Chronicle Teaser

"If we, poor worms, involved in our own cloud, Deem the wide world lies darkling in a shroud, Raving the earth holds no felicity, One child’s clear laughter may rebuke the lie, A lark’s light rapture soaring in the blue, Or rainbow radiant from a drop of dew!"
- Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel (1834–1894)

Treachery. Death. Ruin.
The Apocalypse left almost no survivors in the war torn and abandoned areas around the old caern and territories in the greater Seattle area. The multi-county territories had many names, few remembered; and not always agreed upon by the various Tribes and Fera.

But now it has only one name for those who struggle to rebuild- The Reach.

News of a Seed Shard to build a new caern has drawn the scarred survivors of the last few years, as well as hopeful new faces near and far, to the lands in need of tending. Cities groan under the weight of Weaver and Wyrm unchecked. Bereft of experienced tenders the forests sit silent- the tribes once thriving in the wilderness decimated.

In between are the stragglers of both Garou and Fera, oft amidst strange allies and possibilities.

Sept Details

Sept Name: ‘The Reach’
Sept Location: Fall City
Sept Rating: 1
Shard Caern Totem: "Salmon"
Shard Caern Rating: 2
Seed Source: Dark River Caern (Democratic Republic of Congo, custody of the Ahadi & Silent Striders) December 2016.
Sept Leader: NPC (currently)

Sept Description:
An NPC pack of Garou, called The Flamekeepers, along with a small group of Fera allies, formed to take a shard seed from the Congo caern to the Seattle area. The pack members are led by a Black Fury named Janis “Nutcracker” Salt, Adren Ahroun Homid.

Sept Timeline

1999: An Uktena, “Changing Eyes” has a vision of the Space Needle being torn asunder by a pair of black clawed hands, along with the sound of a wolf howling in pain. Soon after, in 2001, an earthquake strikes the Seattle area, tearing a rift in the Umbra. Garou gather to deal with the issue which leads to the discovery of a lost Pure Tribe caern southeast of the city in the wilderness east of Enumclaw. The Sept is established once the caern is revived, led by a Wendigo Philodox Lupus, “Headwaters” and the totem is Bear. The Sept of the Wild Claws is almost 80% Pure Tribe, and unfriendly to outsiders.

2003: The caern is nearly lost when agents of the Wyrm unleash a deadly illness into the Umbral waters of the area. The totem goes into hibernation, and doesn’t awaken the following spring of 2006. The Pure Tribes are forced to seek aid from outsiders, including a Corax named ‘Cleverest’. As a result, the Bear totem leaves for the deep Umbra to survive the sickness anchored into it, and the Sept performs the Rite to seek a new totem. The Sept Alpha Headwaters is furious when the spirit that appears is Stag. A pack of mixed non-Pure Tribe Garou soon locate themselves in the area. Over time the Sept takes in more non-Pure Tribe, leading to tensions and disputes.

2005: Homid Ahroun Fianna Niall “Axe to Grind” Campbell takes over as Sept Alpha after defeating Headwaters in honorable challenge; several Wendigo however choose to leave, claiming the fight was unfair. At this point the Sept, renamed Verdant Song, is mixed 50/50 Pure Tribe and others; the Uktena choose to remain and monitor the area, as well as work with the occasional Fera who visit or live in the larger region. A pack of mainly homid including a Glasswalker metis known only as “Error Code 88” begin patrolling further south, and discover that the Weaver is calcifying everything in the Umbra around the greater Seattle area in an effort to resist the Umbral Storms and incursions of the Wyrm. They warn the Sept, but the Garou and Fera lack enough resources to do much. They do their best, but the protection of the caern is foremost in the Alpha’s mind.

2008: The heart of the caern began to show signs of the ravages taking place due to the Gnostic Plague and the effects of Storm Eater. A few of the members leave to seek help, one pack chooses to journey forth and join High King Albrecht, the remaining Garou hunker down with claws ready. That autumn, the caern totem Stag simply dies as the theurges give their last Gnosis and breath to try and save the caern. Niall Campbell sacrifices himself as well, but nothing works. Isolated, with no caern or reinforcements, the surviving Garou bury their dead as well as burn the infrastructure and flee to Alaska.

2009-2011: Garou, Fera and even kin occasionally visit the Seattle area, only to discover it still under the steel grip of the Weaver. Areas for miles all around in contrast are almost chaotically Wyld. The Wyrm dancing in and around it all, as yet there is nowhere truly stable to rebuild a caern.

2012- A pack of Garou and Fera made of veterans of the Ahadi, the daughter of Changing Eyes and a Stargazer kinfolk attempt a new Rite, based on research offered by a Bubasti from Cairo. The intent was to create a zone in and around Seattle, using the strength of the Weaver, to ward away the Wyrm much liked the ancient curse prevented the Silent Striders from returning to their homeland. What in fact happened is not exactly clear (except that it was ‘really cool!’ according to the Stargazer kinfolk) – but the result was that all vampires in the zone suddenly found their blood turned to ash. Since that day, any vampire who enters the zone is affected; the additional side effect being that the Weaver is now nearly dormant during the night as well. For now, the Garou and Fera are content to leave things as is- since no one really knows what will happen if the ‘curse’ is broken.

2013- A seed shard from the Alaska caern is brought to the area by a few of the old survivors of the Enumclaw caern. They succeed in creating a new, if small, caern in Snohomish on the Round Mountain near the town of Oso. One of the members of the Sept is the lupus child of Headwaters, “Bear’s Honor”. The caern totem is Elk, attuned to Wendigo. A variety of Garou soon arrive, yet the underlying politics are Sanctum of Gaia.

2014- Bear’s Honor, aided by Cleverest, secretly in alliance with the tainted forces of Headwaters (now fallen to the Wyrm), massacre the Sept and seize the caern. The treachery is so complete that the entire town of Oso, where the Sept kin live and provide a hospice for the shifters, is wiped off the map by a massive landslide. The last to fall is the Den Mother, Catherine ‘Taller Than Tales” Barringer who is trapped with the cubs near the caern heart; and she chooses to kill all the cubs to prevent the Wyrm from having them. Headwaters forces and his foul son destroy everything and leave the area badly tainted.

December 2016- The Flamekeepers pack journey to the Congo to acquire the new seed, one of its members being the kinfolk daughter of Taller Than Tales. They then begin the journey back to the town of Fall City, where they plan to create the new caern in the nearby wilderness east of Snoqualmie Falls.

May 2017- Garou, Fera and Kinfolk who have been gathered and working to resolve the problems arising from the massacre of the Flamekeepers pack, having rescued the shard seed after the terrible events of the Umbral Storm, successfully raise a Caern. After some debate, Salmon is quested for and agrees to settle into a new home, and the Sept is formed.

Storyteller Notes

AS A REMINDER- The MES has adopted a new policy: rape and rape related themes are no longer allowed as part of our games/events. To that end, no concepts related to rape will be allowed for characters (such as Metis), history or plot. Additionally, please read the current rules addenda which has changed a Kitsune power as well.

1. Death happens. While plot will not always be fatal, when events occur that are highly likely to result in the death of a PC, players (who will be given clear info on the danger level) should accept the consequences of their actions. Garou includes epic tales and tragedy- legends can die; the goal is make those events legendary in scope.

2. Travel- currently there is no easy way to travel via the Umbra to the area. A Downtime action is required to travel into and out of the area (VSS boundaries) if in the Umbra.

3. Experience- half the total allowed XP per moth will be awarded for attending game. A bonus XP may be awarded to players who wear costume and accessories that convey their character’s breed, tribe, etc. The remainder of monthly XP can be earned via Downtime actions or proxy play as usual.

4. The Rule of Three: Players with PCs who take Sept positions or leadership roles will be expected to attend games regularly. Any PC in a major Sept position who isn’t played locally/at game for three months will be given the opportunity via plot to step away; any PC who isn’t played locally/at game for 6 months will be removed via plot from the IC position and not be eligible for a major Sept position unless it is played again locally/at game for at least 3 months at the discretion of the VST. Additionally- online only play, Downtime actions and Influence actions do not count toward the Rule of Three. We really want to see your faces and roleplay with you!

5. Werewolves are not fuzzy vampires. Please learn the setting and remember this venue includes themes within the World of Darkness that include darkness, but also glory and hope.

6. Costuming and props are encouraged. Werewolf has styles of its own; follow the MES rules regarding weapon props, but feel free to dress and accessorize to fit your character.

7. PCs can be assholes, and may suffer consequences. Remember the Code of Conduct when you choose to play such a character. As the updated setting includes Fera as more active characters, keep this in mind.

8. Here's a quick list of tribal, Fera, and Triat locations (past and rumored present) people should keep in mind.