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VSS Name:
VSS Boundaries:
VST Name: Joseph Narvaez-Jensen
VST Email:
Domain Code: WA-073-D

City Type: (This denotes the type of VSS)
Templates Allowed: (which templates are playable)
Territory Boundaries: (This should clearly define all the territory controlled by each active template on the VSS)
Setting: Chronicles of Darkness 2.0 God Machine Chronicle

Chronicle Teaser

This is a quote. —This person said it

Quick description of your game’s setting. This is your elevator pitch about why someone should come and play in your game.

City Description

What do outsiders know about your city? Are there any customs or local courtesies? What is known about the history? What has been happening recently? Are there any sacred spaces or places of particular import?

City Timeline

This should include any common knowledge city events and how the locals survived the Icarus Event.

Venue Details

Individual Game Components

  • Action (combat and challenges) – XX
  • Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices) – XX
  • Darkness (corruption, fear and horror) – XX
  • Death (Player Characters) (how often it is present) – XX
  • Drama (ceremony and grand story) – XX
  • Intrigue (politics and negotiation) – XX
  • Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure) – XX
  • Mystery (enigmas and investigation) – XX

Rating Description
     1.  Never present
     2.  Sometimes present
     3.  Often present
     4.  Usually present
     5.  Always present

Storyteller Notes

This is where you note anything players should know before arriving at your game