Longest Night Ball

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OOC History

As the earliest date for the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, December 21st is held to be the night of the year when the darkness lasts longest. This made it an ideal ceremonial occasion for the vampires here, so the Storytellers decided to begin hosting a special game as close to this night as possible. The first Longest Night Ball premise was to commemorate the establishment of Seattle as a Camarilla domain in 1909, with the first OOC event being held in December 1999. We have continued the tradition ever since, although the IC premise and theme for the gathering change from year to year.

2017 Longest Night Ball ~ December Featured Game of the Month

DATE / TIME: Saturday, December 9, 2017, 4pm to 10pm
GAME: Vampire: the Masquerade (Cam/Anarch) VST: Greg B.
LOCATION: Ballard Odd Fellows Lodge — 1706 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
TICKET COST: Suggested site donation is $10
NOTE: Remember that there can be NO GLITTER of any kind on our decorations or costumes; we will lose our site deposit if they find any.

CHARITY: Our charity this year will be Page Ahead, a children's literacy program. Page Ahead is the leading provider of children's books and literacy services in Washington State, serving more than 850,000 children with over 2.7 million new books since 1990. They serve children, families and communities, with new books for children, literacy support for families, and reading resources for communities.

For the entire month of December, donations to Page Ahead will be worth regional prestige, whether or not you are able to attend the Longest Night Ball! The exchange rate of money to prestige remains $3 = 1 R (like all regional charities) and you must send your receipts to the Seattle DC <seattledc@gmail.com> so that it goes into the Longest Night Ball prestige report.