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Useful Roleplaying Documents


Drive-Thru RPG for digital copies of the various game books we use

All the Addenda Ever

World of Darkness (OWoD or 'Classic')
MES Guides to Vampire the Masquerade – July 2017

MES Guides to Werewolf: the Apocalypse – March 2017

Chronicles of Darkness (NWoD)
MES nWoD Universal Addendum – October 2016

MES Changeling the Lost Addendum – October 2016

MES Mage the Awakening Addendum – October 2016

MES Vampire the Requiem Addendum – October 2016

MES Werewolf the Forsaken Addendum – October 2016

Alternate Venue: Accord: the Combined

Excel Character Sheets (Recommended for Masquerade characters in particular. No OpenOffice, sadly.)

Character Templates

PC Templates for the Seattle domain wiki
Masquerade PC Template for the Seattle domain wiki
Character template for all venues for the MES national wiki

Mailing Lists

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Seattle Camarilla venue list:

Useful Websites

The Mind's Eye Society

US National Coordinator

US National Storyteller

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