Masquerade June Storyteller Announcements

*City-Wide Effects: *

– On June 1st, 2019, the weather changed in King County from unusually cold
and frigid to perfect summer weather.  It happened over the course of the
last few weeks of May and the first week of June, with temperatures
returning to seasonal averages, if not a bit warmer.

– The homeless encampments are breaking up from mega-camps into smaller
camps, spread throughout the city and the East side, sprawling from Redmond
to Renton, from Shoreline to Burien.  The camps have broken up due to
funding sources being cut by largely mundane means, but the final nail in
the coffin came from the imprisonment of Henry Marshall from Marshall
Industries for tax fraud.  The elderly man has had his sentence commuted
and is on house arrest in Issaquah.  Catholic charities have ramped up
their level of involvement into the safe-keeping and well-being of the
homeless camps, but the demand is overwhelming.  The camps are diminished
in size, but the mega-camps have been demolished as of June 1st.  Right now
it’s a scattered mess, though efforts are being made to reorganize.

*In the news:*

– On June 2nd, a Seattle blogger known as Nana Hattie publishes her final
entry on ““.  The next day, she is reported missing by her
care-givers at Brookdale Senior Center in West Seattle.  The entry reads:
“The tower will rend the sky apart, the prism will be broken and the pieces
will shatter the lock.  The Beast approaches, the Beast will reign and the
Emerald will covered in the blood of all.  The pirate ship will burn, the
third eye will open in blood, the Silence will kill his bane, the Lords
will turn to the flame, and the Land will rebel and revolt against the
shepherd.  The Mirror cuts everything it touches, touch it not, believe it
not.”  The entry before this shows a recipe for spinach-artichoke dip.  All
of Nana Hattie’s predictions are listed in alphabetical order, this one
however, seems out of sorts.  No previous entry has “the Beast” associated
with it.

          OOC: Characters with Occult will have heard of Nana Hattie’s blog
and considered it milquetoast, but, a blog to check.  Some of her
predictions come true, some are complete bunk, she is considered as
reliable as other mortals seers have been.

– On June 3rd, the “Fashion, Bitch” Promotion Company took out full-page
adverts in the Seattle Times and The Stranger announcing block parties from
now until August.  The adverts are loud, multi-colored, and each party
seems to showcase a different theme.  The theme for June 15th seems to be,
funnily enough, a neon party as well at Gasworks Park in Fremont.  Other
themes include “Fang Bangers” showing scantily clad young women and men
with fangs.  “On All Fours” showcases people in werewolf costumes.  “Fucked
in the Woods” showcases people with faerie wings and faerie wands.  “Wand
Polishers” showcases people with Harry Potter wands and capes.  For those
of you young enough to use social media, you’ll see advertisements from
“Fashion, Bitch” all over Facebook and Twitter with vague but stylish ads
showing up.

–  Gang violence is on the rise throughout King County, though in the
Ballard neighborhood, the numbers appear to be dropping.  Police are
reporting the crime numbers, but have no explanation for the drop in
Ballard.  Arrests throughout King County have gone up by 3% since May, and
a number of underground fight clubs appear to be on the rise.  The most
famous of these is “Art of Pugilism”, rumored to be Fremont.  “Art of
Pugilism” has no social media presence and appears to have only been
mentioned on air at KOMO in passing by Andrew Coleman during a report on
June 2nd about rising violence in once peaceful neighborhoods.

All of that said, your characters would receive the following invitation
from Christian Flemming, Advocate of Free Seattle.

*”To the members of Free Seattle, it’s neighboring Camarilla domain, and
any others interested in travel to the North West,*

*The area known as Free Seattle will be hosting an event of epic
proportions this upcoming June 15th at my Seahurst Park residence near
Burien WA.  Please consider this an opportunity to explore the past,
present, and future of that which resides within all of us.  Our Beast.
This may involve subtle reflection, or destructive fighting.  The choice is
up to you; however, whatever consequences your actions bring are yours
alone to manage.*

*A frivolous game will be offered for your enjoyment.  The prize of which,
I’m lead to believe, will be very sought after.  I encourage everyone to
participate.  Further details on the night in question.*

*Clan Brujah will be provided space to meet as a whole and to deal with any
internal issues they may have at this time in whatever fashion they deem
necessary.  I will be quite offended if I find the room provided ends the
evening in the same condition it starts.*

*The event will be in the theme of a modern day “Glow” party.  Meaning
anything you wear should scream in the darkness.  Ask your friends if you
need further explanation.  Potential party prizes to be awarded to those
who attempt to allow their beast a chance to shine.*

*Come, please, one and all and have fun.  Take a moment to frolic with us.
Hold your meetings, make your connections, further your nightly Jyhads.
But do it in style, and with some flare, I beg of you.*


*Christian Flemming*
*Advocate of Free Seattle”*