CoD Storyteller Notes

Chronicles of Darkness

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” – Carl Sagan

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Storyteller Notes

The Changelings and Mages are the most populous splats
Hunters numbers are increasing.
Resources are at a premium and require serious investment to acquire and secure. This focus in on places of power, not places of safety and serves more as an the enforcement is meant to be an IC one, not OOC; a matter of risk, not balance.

    • Domain Rules
  • All Proxies require a sheet and are considered hard proxies
  • Proxies for live games will only be accepted in the event a player is physically able to portray the proxied character
  • The Discord Supplemental Online Game is for local characters and those characters will have full access on the server. A local is defined as those with local interest, expressed by either being on our VSS or have merits (excluding the effects of Fame) based in the city. Non-locals can partake but only at the sponsorship of a local and/or at presiding ST approval.
  • All players must have a ‘cheat sheet’ of their character’s powers and test pools, this need not be complicated and be as simple as book and page number for reference.

Rule Debates:

  • Misunderstandings or divergent interpretations of rules/mechanics by players and storytellers is a normal occurrence over the course of game play.
  • Players are encouraged to speak up should they have a disagreement.
  • In scenes involving more than a single player and the storyteller, these discussions will be kept as short as due diligence allows for a ruling to be made in order to keep the scene moving.
  • Once the scene is over, should disagreement remain the Storyteller and the player will step aside for an in depth discussion and should any modification to the scene be required, the Storyteller will promptly inform all those in the scene of those changes.
    • Experience Point Awards
  • 60% for live game attendance.
  • 40% for downtown submissions, online supplemental actions, and/or other activities approved by the presiding Storyteller.