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What is the Modern Enigma Society?



Just like Seattle, but a little darker

Welcome to the Dark Emerald chapter of the Modern Enigma Society, a US-based national organization of roleplayers who participate in a global community and storytelling collaboration, sharing common settings and universes based on the various iterations of White Wolf’s roleplaying games. For more information on the Modern Enigma Society, please use the link above. [Note: Previous names were The Camarilla and The Mind’s Eye Society. We recently rebranded.]

Dark Emerald is large domain within the Modern Enigma Society (or MES), located in the area in and around Seattle, WA. We have a number of games we run on a regular basis, mostly monthly and at various locations in the metro area. For more information on schedules, games and locations, please use the bar at the top of the page to navigate around the site. Please note this page is constantly under construction and maintenance as we try to improve the experience for our members! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the site, please use the Contact page to reach out to our coordinator team.

If you’re a former member of the Modern Enigma Society and looking to get involved once again, or if you’re from another Chapter and looking to transfer to Seattle, please use the Contact page to contact our coordinator directly to assist in getting your membership adjusted correctly, regardless of whether you’ve already made changes at the MES site. Once done, please view our Games page for more information on Seattle’s current list of active venues and contacts related to them.

New Players

If you’re interested in joining the Modern Enigma Society, or you wish to find out more about our organization, we have most of the information you need to get started right here! You’re welcome to use the Contact page to speak directly with a coordinator if you prefer, otherwise please click through the following sections to find out more about our organization!

If you want to come to our games to get an idea of what we’re about, we suggest setting up a Trial Membership beforehand so you can get involved as soon as you want. You can use the MES Portal’s New User page to create an account. Once completed and your receive your confirmation, you can participate right away! Trial memberships can last up to sixth months, and during that time you can participate in games in any MES chapter! You’ll be somewhat limited in being able to grow your characters and membership, but anything earned during your time as a trial member will immediately accrue once you become a full member of the MES.

The Modern Enigma Society is a community-driven storytelling experience, and we’re committed to giving back to the communities where we game. Dark Emerald has regular activity and charity drives to help benefit the people of Seattle and Washington, and we encourage our players to be a part of our efforts to help build a healthy community, both in and out of game. Please visit our Charities page for more information on what charities and drives we are currently active and how you can get involved.

The MES uses a Membership Class (or MC) system to help show our commitment to the organization and community. This system uses points, called Prestige, to track member’s efforts to grow the chapter, build the national organization and give back to the community. In addition to our volunteer and elected positions such as coordinators and storytellers, members with higher MCs are considers leaders within our organization, as they’ve clearly demonstrated a commitment to our goals and values as an organization. For more information on Membership Class, Prestige and our organization’s goals and values, please view the MES Club Documents page and take a look at our Current Membership Handbook, as well as our other documentation such as the Prestige Tracking documents.

Once you’ve created your membership, and had a chance to review our organization’s vision and goals, please check out our Games page for information on what games we’re currently running in Seattle and how to get involved! Again, if you have any questions on the information above, please use our Contact page to reach out to a coordinator directly! Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you at game!



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