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Chronicles of Darkness

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City Timeline

All Awakened Beast Forsaken Kindred Lost

For general history we will be using
NOTE: History Prior to 1850 will be added once confirmation of accuracy Duwamish history is established with respect to them

1851: Settlers, led by Arthur Denny, arrive at Alki Point. Party secretly filled with Forsaken & Lost members

1855: Attacks by western Pure weaken Forsaken among the Duwamish tribes leading to the acceptance of Point Elliott Treaty

1856: Vampire back forces push the Forsaken to the Eastside as part of the Battle of Seattle, full court establish

1861: Awakened announce their presence in the area with the formation of the Washington Territory University (today’s University of Washington)

1870: Henry Atkins becomes Seattle’s first mayor, secretly a Spring Fairest, he established the first freehold, Freehold of Emerald Desires

1873: First full Goblin Market established

1878: Brewmasters creates the Seattle Malting & Brewing Co.
“Heals The Weak” leads the opening of the Providence Hospital

1879: Prominent members of clan Daeva back the opening of Squire Opera House

1889: An increase in nightmares afflict the city the week leading up to the Great Seattle Fire.
Invictus back finance firms help to rebuild the city thus solidifying the Kindred as the dominate supernatural power of the city

1890: Frederick & Nelson opens, actually a cover for an expanded Goblin Market entrance

1907: Goblin Market expands under the newly open Pike Place Market

1919: First Pentacle Consila Established

1924: Kindred invest in the expanding hotel industry, cumplinating with Olympic Hotel

1926: Free Council members help establish KOMO-AM radio

1928: The Pentacle back the deployment of the electrical streetlights, as part of an effort to increase the power of Hallows within various Sanctums.

1930: The Forsaken attempts to save the sacred loci on Denny Hill, fail and is instead leveled

1934: To counter the loss of Denny Hill, the Storm Lords and Iron Master efforts ensure the establishment of the Washington Park Arboretum

1936: Fights over media control between the Invictus and Carthain Movements create multiple strikes, the largest being the American-Newspaper Guild vs the Post-Intelligencer

1939: Iron Master invest in the creation of the Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) co-op

1944: Nightmares increase among the disenfranchised increasing racial tensions in the county

1953: Multiple splats fight over media controls result in multiple strikes all over the city

1962: The World’s Fair brings along a flood of Mages, turning them into the 3rd most significant supernatural power

1970: Wolf-blooded kin among the Indigenous People, convince their non-kin brethren to take over Fort Lawton, due to the 1865 treaty are victorious in taking back the land in what is now Discovery Park

1971: The Lost successfully country the Kindred’s attempt to take over Pike Place Market

1977: Finance the creation & opening of the Seattle Aquarium

1982: A competition among Brewmasters gets out of hand and spills out into the public domain, resulting in the microbrewe craze. An Apex Namtaru Predator disappears

1983: Afflicted by an Apex Collector, 3 men attack the Wah Mee Clu, killing 13

1993: Storms ravage the Hisil, spilling over into the Material World, enhancing the devastation of the Puget Sound Inaugural Day storm.

1998: Benaroya Hall Opens. A potential Primordial turns away from the hunger, in their insanity they kill the bus driver of Metro Bus 80 causing it to drive of the Aurora Bridge

1999: WTO Riots, chaos reigned that night affecting all the splats but the details are sketchy and uncertain

2000: The Awakened, Lost, and Kindred struggle for control of the media, resulting in more strikes

2001: A group of Ravagers get out of control during a Mardi Gras party in Pioneer Square resulting in riots

2004: The Pentacle ensures the financial support for the Seattle Public Library and future expansion

2012: The Ten Second War hits