IC Discrimination

In Character Discrimination Policy

Good morning Masqueraders

I need to take a moment to address the issue of appropriate themes in our Masquerade Setting.

We play a game set in the World of Darkness where bad things happen and nearly every character is evil in its own special way.

However, as my AANST: Tremere/Gargoyles often says “we are humans playing vampires”.

Although our game may touch on adult themes and sensitive topics I remind you all that above everything we are focused on providing a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment for our members as human beings.

As such, your PC is free to discriminate IC based on vampire Clan, vampire morality path, vampire Sect, or any other supernatural non-real-life quality.

However, it is inappropriate for a PC to discriminate based on real life factors such as sexual orientation, race, human religion, sex, or any other real world human factor.

Such real life discriminatory positions are NOT part of our setting and are not adopted for play regardless of whether they exist anywhere in any previously published canon material.

In our setting all characters have moved on from mortal prejudices.

To portray your character in a manner that discriminates against real life factors creates an unwelcoming and unsafe environment for our members and will not be tolerated.

If anyone disagrees with these comments you may contact me, the NC, and the NST in private.

Chris Angell, US2007039687, ANST: Masquerade